wisdom vs. knowledge

IMG_20150118_113036 We live in a volatile time. The world is a pressure cooker of ideas and innovations. Everyday we push ourselves ever farther and into new uncharted territory. Hasn’t it always been this way? I mean, after all, humankind is always at the precipice of some proverbial drop-off into the great unknown. We always learn more, dig deeper, and find new ways of understanding this mountain of information upon which we stand. IMG_20150118_112312After all every time we amass more knowledge we add it to our foundation and build a little higher. We change our vantage point. We add one more brick. The problem with this overly cerebral process is that through it we can reason our way to a logical place yet still be unaware of just how fallacious  it is. True knowledge, some will say, is an essential stronghold of data one accumulates through observation and the scientific method. Irrefutable tidbits of indivisible data points upon which we can calculate our next revelation! The problem is that knowledge is never complete. It is infinitely more complex than we currently understand.

20150124_110017This is the conundrum of intellectual depth. To truly be unbiased and intellectually honest we must admit our own intellectual limitations. We must assimilate new information with the old, reconcile any differences with the old, and never, ever claim to know concretely. True wisdom, I believe, is somewhere in between the gathering of this data, and our ability to refrain from coming to a concrete conclusion. Data is, after all, only intellectual points of reference. We can only focus on so much at a time. Inevitably this focus acts as a filter that changes the way we perceive and therefore our reality- but only our reality. 20141211_154442What does not change is the immutable truths that we are free to observe and to gather sensory data from.  We must be careful not to become entrenched in a linear and limited understanding of this complex journey we are on. To exclude any information, whether we agree or disagree, is to be intellectually dishonest – because in our exclusion we are claiming omniscience.  All we can ever claim to be omniscient of is the finite reality of perspective.   Our own perspective.  When you dig deep enough you start to see where perspectives overlap, and this is where the Truth is hidden in plain sight .


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