Vaccines:CDC Whistleblower & cover-up. The Autism Conspiracy



There is a very real and growing debate over whether or not vaccines are as safe as we have been led to believe.   Mounting concerns alongside a growing number of parents who are reporting adverse effects has brought this long standing issue in and out of the national spotlight every few years.

images-355All types of events have been claimed to have been caused by these vaccinations.  Everything from the onset of Autism to a wide range of debilitating neurological conditions have been reported.  Most recently we have been bombarded with the shamelessly skewed media coverage sparked by the alleged testimony of a CDC doctor who decided to come forward after he intentionally took part in manipulating statistical data to lesson public concern. images-296 Depending on if you’re listening to the right or the left- vaccination concern makes you a conspiracy nut or simply a concerned citizen.  Personally, I think that with all this smoke we’d better at least check to see if there’s a fire.

The Daily Caller recently wrote;

whistleblower came to our office, Dr. William Thompson. He came forward with documents, saying that at CDC he had manipulated one of the studies he was an author on to get a desired outcome,” Posey spokesman George Cecala told TheDC. “The study has relation to vaccines and their relationship to autism.”2015-02-08-18-19-40-1261166853

VAERS or the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System mandates that all incidents be reported to compile a database of the adverse events.  It states that ‘Approximately 30,000 VAERS reports are filed annually, with 10-15% classified as serious (resulting in permanent disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illnesses or death). Anyone can file a VAERS report, including health care providers, manufacturers, and vaccine recipients or their parents or guardians. The VAERS form requests the following information:
The type of vaccine received-The timing of the vaccination-The onset of the adverse event-Current illnesses or medication-Past history of adverse events following vaccination.
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10-15% of 30,000 individuals amounts to 3,000 – 4,500.images-261

These are only the ‘serious’ adverse events. The ones that a doctor cannot deem as “normal”.  Obviously this means that many fly “under the radar” by causing damage slowly or in ways less detectable at first.  I am not saying we should all run screaming into the hills to escape Armageddon at the hands of our health care professionals- but maybe we should stop dismissing so many concerned citizens.  
 The numbers of children impacted in negative ways could easily be in the tens of thousands.  Not to mention the simple fact that some level of adverse effect- down to the even the most minute is likely occurring in tremendous numbers.

This is what is found in the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, also known as MMR.

MMR (MMR-II) Medium 199, Minimum Essential Medium, phosphate, recombinant human albumin, neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin, chick embryo cell culture, WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts

 I wanted to attach a comprehensive breakdown of each one of these “ingredients” to give you an idea of the complexity behind each vaccine.  I cannot. Simply because Medium 199, the first ingredient, was composed of over 50 ingredients.images-145

 The problem is that the science behind vaccination is real, very real.  Anyone with a basic knowledge of science agrees in the effectiveness of vaccinating a population. We know that the result of causing an auto-immune response through vaccination prepares the immune system by producing anti-bodies.  The issue is not with the validity of the science behind vaccination but with the cocktail recipe of strange ingredients in these so called vaccinations.   Many professionals are calling for a full accounting of the recipe that is used to produce these vaccinations.  What harm could that do??

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