Vaccines; Healthy Choices or a Deadly Dose

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I have learned, from personal experience, that there is simply no better way to a healthy mind, body and spirit than making nourishing choices for each.  With the vaccination controversy raging I cannot help being sympathetic to anti-vaxxers.  What surprises me is the visceral lashing out I see coming from those who are pro-vaccination.  They accuse those who are not in favor of vaccines of being everything from a bad parent to an abusive parent.  But there is something truly ironic about this situation.

We live in a society where the leading causes of sickness and death come directly from poor dietary choices and a sedentary lifestyle… and with this widely known I cannot help but wonder why pro-vaxxers are not so worked up when it comes to these things?  Why would this reality be downplayed in favor of another?  The statistics are clear for all to see.  We are dying by the millions each year because we are poisoning ourselves through our food.

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What should- and should not be- put into the human body has become common knowledge. With Google at the ready to answer any questions we may have about nutrition and health it has become a no-brainer. This heightened awareness has brought to light many of the unhealthy choices we make each day.  Unfortunately, this list is a very long one, and it consists of many things we comfortably deem “staples”,  and would never have guessed where killing us.  cropped-cropped-images-177.jpeg

 Ironically, many people who are opting out- or in some other way resisting vaccination- are the same people who are making healthy lifestyle choices across the board.  These are the parents who are setting good examples by eating healthy and exercising, These are the parents who are putting their foot down when it comes to the fast food, the junk food, and the video game sessions that last for hours on end.  These same parents, who teach there kids that they should treat their body like a temple, are being chastised for bad parenting.

Are you getting my drift??

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 We live in a society where it has become fashionable to “go with the flow”.  We are conditioned to call those who lag behind or step of the path as “ignorant” or “conspiracy nuts”.  In the media we are given carefully groomed excerpts that contain just enough relevant information to produce the illusion of authority.  Once they have your trust you never suspect the lie.  Let me make one thing clear; I believe the science behind immunization is very real and effective.  Will I get a vaccine?  No.  Why?  Because our government has this nasty habit of being caught deceiving the general population over and over again.  images-108

 With so many lives at stake, and the budget of the United States Government behind immunization, you have to wonder why we are not being educated on why vaccines are safe and pose no threat whatsoever.  Just like in the old days of honest news reporting I’d love nothing more than to hear the facts, and just the facts, when it comes to the ingredient lists for each vaccine.  Then maybe we could all breathe a sigh of relief and go get immunized.  

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