Unlimited Consciousness


Consciousness is our crowning jewel as a species.  Our self awareness has given us incredible flexibility in choosing  our path.  We, by being conscious, apply our cognitive abilities in whichever direction we are facing.  Our focus targets and locks on what it is we wish to accomplish .   It sounds simple, right??  It is something we too often take for granted. We are capable in ways that set us distinctly apart from other sentient life here on earth.  We see reflections of our consciousness all around us.  In the domestic pets we keep down to  the ants beneath our feet.


We often consider ourselves different than other creatures, and we are, but this is only in our subjective perception.  The truth, I suspect, is much simpler.   What it means to be human is to encompass the broadest range of physical, emotional, spiritual, and  intellectual capacity; so it stands  to reason that we all contain within us the understanding of every creature here on earth.  We are the culmination of life.  We are the caretakers, the elders, the hosts of this great planet.


We are unlimited.  We sell ourselves short when we prescribe to systems of thought that bind us and limit our potential.  Our consciousness is expanding.  This is a natural occurrence.  It happens throughout our individual lives as we grow and learn.  It is happening to us individually and as a whole species.  I am a young man, only 36 years of age, and I have witnessed a noteworthy shift in consciousness during my  lifetime.

The unrest, the difficulties, the growing pains we are experiencing, are all because we are becoming more aware.  More aware of the injustice.  More aware of the oppression.  More aware of the grand deception.  More aware of how some would like to take advantage of us for their own selfish agendas.


This is not unique to any specific group.  Christians, Muslims,  Atheists, Buddhists, Satanists, Spiritualists, Scientologists, Mormons, Transhumanists, Conservatives, Liberals… it doesn’t matter; we are all waking up.  The only difference is that the systems of thought that one identifies with in each group is different.  These are where the most difficulty is experienced when expanding consciousness.  Certain ideologies will crumble away in light of truth while others are stubbornly reasoned into some semblance of validity.  Our minds are the fortified hideout of the ego.  The ego loves nothing more than to validate itself through the illusion of identity.



  The fact is that you are a human.  The essence of you is the same as the essence of anyone else.  Our place in life is subjective to experiential information.  It reminds me of what Jesus said while suffering crucifixion;

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”, Luke 23:24.

If we continue to prescribe to thoughts which deceive us into greater degrees of separation, as a species, we will continue to suffer.  We are all in this together.  No race, no gender, no nation, no religion, no intellect, no identity, should make you feel superior or inferior.  If it does it is part of the problem- not the solution.

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One thought on “Unlimited Consciousness”

  1. Consciousness is on the rise. As we are coming out of the Dark Ages of the Yuga Cycle the negative strongholds are starting to dissolve. More and more people are evolving on a Consciousness level and its good to see even how slowly it’s taking.

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