Trump is Americas Dominant Male Archetype

With the primaries looming just a month away the battle for the GOP nomination is heating up fast. The support Trump has gained is not over-all very surprising, after all, he is one of the most recognizable names on the planet. He has successfully branded himself to be perceived as synonymous with not only success but BIG success. His name has literally come to mean “to out-do” the competition. His initial launch and momentum therefore came as no surprise to anyone. What has become quite astonishing is how he can repeatedly make statements that should be alienating him from voter group after voter group, his extreme case of foot-in-mouth disease should have marginalized him to a point of no return by now yet his campaign continues to soar.

His outlandish and offensive statements should have done irreparable damage. His antics should have taken away any shred of qualification one would need in order to be Commander in Chief here in America. Somehow they have not, and that is the strangest and possibly scariest thing about his campaign.

iuMany of his supporters vehemently declare that Trump will “make America great again”. They site his long history as a business man and his strong leadership skills. All to often I hear the argument that as a successful business man he will correct our financial woes as a Nation while simultaneously utilizing those leadership abilities to steer us in the right direction.

I have one major issue with this proposed scenario, Trump has no interpersonal skills. He speaks at people, not with people. He is good at giving orders but terrible when it comes to listening to the opinions of others. I can see how this type of dominant and assertive character could thrive in the corporate world but as President, not-so-much.

For one, it would be a foreign relations nightmare.

His recent call to ban all Muslims from entering the U.S. made waves across the globe as our world community shrank back in abject horror of such a notion. In Britain a Petition to ban Trump received over 570,000 signatures, enough for an obligatory Parliamentary session to discuss the issue.

Let that sink in for a minute, our closest Ally on the world stage debated whether or not to ban a presidential candidate from entering their country.

UK FlagYou are all familiar with the questionable statements he has made and will continue to make. It seems that even the Donald himself is well aware that his hateful and offensive statements should be driving voters away; but for some reason are not.

His latest statement, “I could shoot someone, and not lose any voters.”

He may just be right. The anomaly that is the Trump is an outgrowth of our media-cultivated reality that enmeshes with the real-world. His character is larger than life, his antics well known and long accepted (even if it used to be for entertainment purposes only). He is a familiar character and one that is recognized as a symbol of wealth and greatness.

Has the legend of Donald Trump been seared indelibly on the minds of Americans? Has he become the archetypal dominant male role model? How else could he spout corrosive sentiments left and right yet remain ja viable candidate for Leader of the Free World?

America is not a Business. We are not all of like mind. As a population we vary in every conceivable way. We are the melting pot of the world. We do not need someone with a singular and unyielding methodology. We need someone with an open mind and heart, someone who can be a diplomat first. We play on a world stage that is quite complex and will require nuanced discussion and debate. To believe that the limited and specific set of skills needed to be successful in business somehow qualifies an individual to be President is short-sighted and ill-informed.

As an American citizen I am disgusted by Trumps biased and hateful attacks.

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