The War on Ideology


Everywhere I turn the war on ideology is raging. Every time I put on the television, the internet, open a newspaper or a magazine – or strike up a conversation, the only thing on everybody’s mind is whether or not their ideology is the correct one. One person attacks religion declaring : “Religion is the reason we are all at each others throats!!”,  while another states, “The moral fabric of our great nation is being torn asunder by pop culture and liberalism!”. Still others feel they have the answer…”If only government would get off of our backs we could govern ourselves!”.images-305

There is no simple answer when it comes to who is right and who is wrong.  Ideologies taint the way we perceive the world around us, causing  us to lean in one direction or the other.   But can it all simply be just wasted rhetoric?images-86

 Common ground is where mediation is found.  Mediation exposes the truth of the situation by allowing emotional understanding to override a stubbornly cerebral stance.  The way I see it we must stop arguing about the superficial ways in which we  intellectually disagree, and start to focus on what we can agree upon emotionally.  Right and wrong is easy in some cases.   When we see a child suffer we know that we should intervene.  When we see an elderly person in our neighborhood become widowed we know we should step in to be there for that individual. These are examples where our compassionate hearts lead us in the right direction. We consider something right when we heed the call from within. Our humanity, our empathetic and compassionate nature, gives us honest emotional cues so that we can respond in the proper way, we are guided in every choice we make.  In all religions there is a core, a solid foundation based specifically on responding in ways that heed this call. When we are honest with our deepest emotional drives of love and compassion we choose correctly.  Sometimes we use intellect in place of our emotional intelligence, and we may or may not choose correctly.  One thing is for certain; intellectually we can reason our way through anything.images-245

When ideologies stray from the honest and true course of our human hearts we must ask ourselves why? Why is my mind attempting to override my emotional cues to the contrary?  To discern for ourselves the validity of an idea is paramount in all cases.  When something deep within us is amiss we must, through deep reflection, un-muddle the confusion.

images-239We will never be able to reconcile every little detail which conflicts with that of anothers interpretation of an ideology.  Intellect is where illusory constructs are built to justify our chosen course.  We all do this, we over-intellectualize when emotional intelligence is lacking or contradictory to what we want to do.  What we should be doing is listening to one of the greatest lie detector ever created, the human heart! Instead we manufacture elaborate structures within the mind to justify why we should  act in ways that we know to be wrong.  Nothing rings quite like the truth, and no matter what you call yourself – a scientist, a priest, atheist or believer, rightful action is easily within your grasp. images-90To know right from wrong is to be honest with yourself first and foremost, before looking outside for direction. To look outside for direction can lead to a  betrayal of the heart. When ideologies conflict with the compassionate heart of man, it becomes the deceiver, and deception is the ultimate destroyer.  Instead of wasting time arguing incessantly over ideological differences we need to be honest, emotionally, in order to make real progress.


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