The New e-book is Almost Ready!!

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A few days I spoke to you about the new e-book I was working on. I am happy to announce that it is coming along wonderfully!

The most difficult part is condensing the process of healing and overcoming adversity into an easy to read and pragmatic guide for everyone. Our lives truly are amazing, and diverse, and just plain messy at times.


Universal truths are embedded within the lessons we experience. When we are open, and we listen carefully enough, we are learning every step of the way. But of course this is easier said than done.

Every time I recognize and identify these embedded truths I feel as though I have unearthed a precious gem.

Would you change your past if you could? I may have said yes as a younger man, but today I say NO!

If I hadn’t lived my life who would I be today? How could I have helped the people I am able to help today?

There is a magical and wondrous process. It’s called life. The trick is to be open to the process, less resistant.

Transformation is the process of life unrestrained. Ever-changing, ever-growing, we are meant to be in a state of constant flux. Change is a universal constant, and when we change we are truly alive.

My transformation began in 2011 when I hit an al time low. I was unable to cope with all the grief and stress or the anxiety and the depression. I basically shut down.


I very wise and compassionate person started me on my journey back to the land of the living. They said to me; “You cannot grow if you focus on the past”. This simple statement showed me the biggest err I had made regarding my own life. I was fixated on the past. The pain never subsided because I never looked away. I was guilty of ruining my own life. It wasn’t the adversity.

I wasn’t a victim anymore.

Taking unbridled accountability for my current situation was my first step. I was in the driver seat. I could not tell the universe what to throw at me but I could surely control myself.

The changes that followed where almost immediate and lasting. It was a long and arduous journey to rebuild myself, but rebuild I did.


No matter how healthy or strong or competent I feel these days, the steps I took back then continue to raise me up to new heights. I am in a state of constant growth. You can change too.

No matter where you are in this life, we can work to do better, to feel better, to be better. What a world we would live in if we all understood the process to a happy and fulfilling life!
I must bid you a farewell. I am brimming with ideas and must get back to work on the e-book;

“A Seven Step Guide To Self Transformation”
As usual thanks for stopping by!!

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