The Manipulation Factor: Is the Media Honest Anymore?


All of us come into this world in the same way.  We are born to a man and a woman- and the spark of life is give one more time…

Instantly we begin to experience this life through our feeling nature.  We cannot reason yet.  We have no experiences to base even the most basic pattern of reasoning on.  Our minds are developing around every passing moment.  Our feelings are miraculously in place ready to influence our choices. Our feeling are ever-present.  They are the spice that gives thought flavor.  They are what separates us from a machine.  

 I believe that our feeling nature is what connects us all.  It is the bases upon which all information is presented.  We, as human beings, cannot process any-thing without feeling in some way.  

 I can remember so many things about my life. Days past filled with event after event.  They all spark some deep interest and are filed accordingly.  Come to think of it they are filed according to how I feel about them.  


 We all feel.  Our minds think and process atop this foundation.  Emotions are powerful motivators- the primary motivator.  It is no wonder we have so many conflicts in the world these days.  It is quite easy to get someone(or even yourself) riled up.  Just tell them (or yourself) the right combination of things to get that visceral-gut wrenching-knee jerk response and we’re up in arms ready to defend, flee, fall in love or kill.  

 But what if the information about the things you’re being told are not entirely true??  What if what you are being led to believe is based on the knowledge of how human beings react?  What if there is a motivation behind the information?  


 The manipulation factor; the intent to deceive.  It is getting so bad that Headlines are often flat out lies that can easily be exposed.  More often they are deceptively worded to imply or to jibe.  We are being treated like fools. They speak to us as if we are naive children.  

 When I start to feel emotional about something I know that my heart is in the right place- but the question I ask myself is whether or not my mind is as well… 


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