The Inner Life Revisited


Have you ever heard mention of a thing called the “inner life”?  Such an odd combination of words.images-350

It evokes in me an image of the perpetual daydreamer, the poet, the artist.  It brings up images of the rebellious teenager who has an intellect that must defy any and all order.  Lets not forget the child who chooses to imagine an alternate reality to escape to.   images-87

The inner life is all of these things and much more. It is the landscape from which we arrive from,  and return to , each and every day countless times.  There is the depth that exists in each of us.  What is it that we choose to fill it up with??  Do we choose thoughts that enrich and nourish us?  Or do we choose thoughts that are wasting space??images-301

 We all have an amazing breadth when it comes to the memories and feelings that are stored within.  The range will be great, and the choices many,  so that your inner life can take on any form you consciously develop.  It all starts with the power of focus.  Our mind are curiously narrow when it comes to thinking.  We can only think about one thing at a time.  If we choose wisely we can reshape our inner life and our reality will shift accordingly.  It’s all a matter of choice really.images-257

We have all been down and out.  We’ve had our feelings hurt… our bodies have been battered and bruised, our spirit challenged.  We’ve also had moments of joy and love and jubilant excitement to wipe away the pain.  These greatest moments, that we cherish,  are great for one reason over all others- they affirm the goodness that resides deep within.  They affirm our desire for love, for companionship, for meaningful connections with other human beings.  We value these affirmations because they act as beacons of light in the darkness.  They lead us to the truth of our emotional yearnings.images-265

 Our inner life should focus on these beacons of light.  When we dwell on the dark times that contradicted the truth of who we are,  that betrayed us, hurt us, and confused us.. we are choosing to walk into the darkness- and we will become lost, confused and alone all over. 

If we choose to practice being mindful of what gets our focus we can root out the causes for much of the darkness.  We can intentionally focus on the light again- and watch the darkness flee!

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