The Confederate Flag and The Inherent Bias it Represents

The confederate flag issue is something I feel strongly about. If we are considered one Nation, how is the Confederate Flag appropriate to fly anywhere? It should be put behind glass in a museum befitting of the relic it is. But what do I know? I grew up in New York and only saw the confederate flag in a few places; in Hollywood Movies depicting White Supremacists, on The Dukes of Hazard, or on the News because (you guessed it) White Supremacists where flying it as a symbol of hate and division. This hate and division extends well beyond African Americans to encompass any race besides white. All across America the racially driven diatribes of Confederate Flag flying “Patriots” sow seeds of destruction. The bottom line is that the American Civil War is nothing to be proud of. For those of you who would argue that Southern Heritage is the only reason you fly a confederate flag I’ll leave you with a quote from the Vice President of the Confederate States of America Alexander H. Stephens;

“The Confederate Constitution has put at rest forever all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institutions — African slavery as it exists among us — the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution.”


Yeah… That whole bit about “the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization”… what do you think he was talking about?

Every where I turn I am being bombarded with a steady stream of opinionated rhetoric on one (or more) of the controversial issues on our collective minds. From immigration to marriage and back around to the systemic corruption that arises from money in politics, there’s no shortage of topics to discuss these days.

What worries me isn’t the topics themselves, because they will come and go as the world turns and people wake to new days with brand new ideas. I only pray that with each new idea comes the demise of an old and destructive one. What does worry me is the limited view that falls short of a whole and complete picture of the issue. This seems to be the common approach. Rarely can I have a meaningful discussion with someone who applies a fair and equal assessment to every side of a story- and in doing so can fairly assess without bias or prejudice.

Immigration is another favorite topic in conservative America.

Unless you are a Native American, you, or your ancestors, where once immigrants. Why is this simple fact lost on conservatives who believe we should wall off the entire country from any outside migration? The borders will never be sealed. It is too costly and cannot be achieved without enormous strain on the economy.

Why is it such a bad idea to have a system in place that allows migrant workers to enter our borders legally and embark on a journey toward citizenship? This way they can partake (and add something) to our economy. A process where they can get registered, gain employment, and pay taxes would keep the coffers full and the economy strong. Economics relies solely on the foundation of the human population that consumes and produces respectively. Adding people to the population legally can profit the entire nation if done correctly. Those who contribute and consume strengthen the economy. Migrant workers will cross our borders. The smart thing to do is take advantage by strengthening our numbers. Otherwise we will strain the economy by adding consumers that cannot contribute.

These are only my opinions of course. Tell me what you think on these or any of the issues that have peaked your interest lately.
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