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StrangAwe.com has Launched| Thinkhub.org’s Sister Site is Born!

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I am excited to announce that www.strangeawe.com has officially launched. I want to personally thank all of my awesome readers here at www.thinkhub.org and would like to invite you to our sister site StrangeAwe| Mystery, Awesomeness, and Inspiration.


At StrangeAwe I will be curating content from all over the internet bringing you only the best content. I will be focusing on inspiring and motivating my audience towards social good- because making the world a better place is what this life is all about.


Many of you have been along for the ride every since thinkhub.org was first started a few years back- and I hope you continue this journey with me as the thinkhub.org community expands! I cannot do this without your support. I need you guys!

At StrangeAwe I’m going to be relying on you guys to tell me what content you wan’t to see. l you need to do is e-mail me @ tommy@strangeawe.com with any suggestions and I will be ready to schedule a post dedicated to YOU!


So head on over to StrangeAwe.com and sign up- then e-mail me with your favorite YouTube videos, websites, movies and music and we can get started making StrangeAwe the Awesome site it’s destined to be!

With Love and Appreciation-Tommy