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If There’s No Enemy Within, The Enemy Outside Can Do Us No Harm|Inspirational (Video) StrangAwe.com

The drive to succeed, to become something more, takes effort and a tireless dedication. It takes no effort to remain on the bottom, to be comfortable and complacent. We should constantly be working on ourselves, building ourselves up.

Lets keep this in mind as we continue to work toward our goals and create this world into the beautiful place it is destined to be.

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Staying Motivated

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We all need a little inspiration sometime. Have you ever known that you want to accomplish something only to come up short in motivation? Have you ever dreamed of the brighter future yet couldn’t muster up the energy to do what was necessary in accomplishing it? Have you ever wanted to change only to lack the fortitude and courage to take that step?

We are made up of more than just a mind. We are so much more. Have you ever made the mistake of defining yourself simply by what your mind thinks? I know I have. I used to let my mind lead. And since my mind is nothing more than an afterthought of the world I am observing my identity became an extension of the world. I think we all sometimes make this mistake.


We are so much more than the mind and there is a simple reason why we fall short sometimes. We run out of fuel. I like to think about it like this; the mind is the engine and the emotion is the fuel. Without the emotional drive to do a thing we become catatonic. I’ve made the mistake over and over again in my past–I neglected to re-fuel.


Have you ever been in a place in time where you felt driven? Have you ever had enough motivation to carry out your dreams? Have you ever followed through with fortitude and courage and accomplished what it is you set out to accomplish? I finally have. It took me a long time to figure it out, the simple truth of it all. It’s funny how the truth will stare you in the face while you focus on everything except that truth.


Acknowledging the different aspects of our being  is essential. Mind body soul and spirit mashed together into a human being. Each one needing to be nourished. I suspect that for you and me our ‘dietary’ requirements differ. We all have our different interests intellectually. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. The deepest recesses of our being are home to a wellspring of emotion that bubbles up and lays the groundwork of character that becomes “us”. And of course our subconscious minds are home to the memories and experiences that are ours and ours alone.


If you want to nourish your self into a state of inspiration you need to get out there and find what drives you intellectually, what soothes your soul, what awakens your spirit and is good for your body.

You cannot fail if you are motivated to stay the course. We are all guilty of giving up– of throwing in the towel–of falling short one way or another–of finding ourselves in a place where we felt we were out of options and in despair. You and me should never give up. Because there is fuel all around us. If we have the courage and fortitude and honesty to go out and get what we need to carry-on we will stay the course.


Whatever it is you want to accomplish I’m here to tell you that you can do it. Let every action that you take and every choice you make be like a stone cut and set in the foundation. With steady work and focused intent you will find the bricks to build your foundation and beyond.

I will tell you what works for me. Spiritually I am nourished through faith. Physically I am nourished by eating healthy and exercising. Intellectually– You may have already guessed–I write quite a bit! And as far as my soul goes I like to do a little house keeping from time to time. Can’t have the basement filling up with garbage!


So next time you’re feeling like you need a little push do not give up. Look inwardly and identify where you’re falling short. Sometimes it’s a simple as eating a meal. Sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. But if you start the process of looking inwardly at your true nature and identity you will start to find answers. These answers will make life less complicated. And one day you will wake up and look in the mirror knowing exactly who is staring back at you.


The answers are inside each and every one of us. They are not on your television screen or the radio. They are not found in the newspaper or any magazine. The answers and the real truth is inside of you.  

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