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What About Having Fun at Work|StrangeAwe.com

Work doesn’t have to be a bore! It draining to be in a work environment where everyone is dragging along at a snails pace.

But its invigorating to be around people who take every task as a challenge. They do everything they can to do it the best they possibly can. Don’t settle for less. Take each day and make the most of it because the reward is a passionate and driven existence. Enjoy even if it is work. Take these awesome folks in the video for example…

with love and appreciation-tommy@strangeawe.com
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Let your Heart Lead


One thing I commonly hear, in certain circles, Is that religion is the root cause of all the strife that exists in the world today. While I do see some issues in the way men choose to represent their faith in words and deeds, it is not with the religion itself that I see the issue. Religion is of man. Institutional religion exists because all around the world in all cultures we try and understand the Glory of God, of Creation, of Love, of Consciousness , of all things Good. Being man-made, religion is going to be an expression of the inherent aspects found in human nature. This can be good or bad. We do the best we can as we attempt to understand this amazing reality. Religion, is based in many ways, on our attempt to know what remains beyond the scope of intellect. To decipher the greatest questions that stubbornly remain outside of human understanding and answers.


I believe that If religion was no more, or had never been, the atrocities of man would unfortunately remain. We see warmongering and mass manipulation occurring throughout the many institutional constructs that have ever existed or exist today. We have seen it behind the cult of personality represented in the 20th century centuries Stalin and Hitler and Charlie Mansons . Those who blame religion are not opening their eyes to the broader issue.
Behind the atrocities there is always a human being. There is always a motivator. I personally believe that behind every horrific act there is a thread that can be traced back. As we backpedal through time we see a steady conditioning that leads up to the act itself . This is representative of just how malleable the human mind is. Religion can be used to bring out the good or the bad in people depending on the intentions of those who claim to represent the faith.

Throughout the ages religion has been wielded as a powerful tool to accomplish tasks designed by men. There are many examples that exist. These days the most obvious example is Islam. We have countries that are considered Islamic that pose little or no threat to any human beings. We also have countries that are Islamic that pose a worldwide threat. In the countries that do pose a threat, we see a ruling force in place that threatens all religious observers into an understanding of the religion that matches their intentions. This is no accident. The selfish agendas of these men that are In positions to represent the Islamic faith twist and pervert it into a tool for indoctrination.

Understanding the powerful and transformative thing that we call religion is paramount. We must choose to believe in ways that enrich us and awaken us to the love and life that is our core. If our religion calls us to betray our basic human instincts and principles we must question why? Do the religious leaders represent my faith properly? One thing I believe with every ounce of my being is that we all know deep in our hearts the pure and simple truth. Not about which religion is correct or who is chosen or where we go when we leave this earth; but about how to treat each other. The truth is within us.

We are born with this knowledge. As little ones we know. We ‘feel’ whether or not it is correct. As we grow we assimilate our powers of reason to reconcile the differences between the simple guidance of our hearts and a world corrupt. The results are many but the suppression of our hearts guiding light is commonplace. How else could we have so many who are lost?

This brings me back to a beautiful and simple idea I hear sometimes. An idea I wish I heard more often. That we must learn to let our hearts lead instead of our minds. We are emotional beings. We become catatonic without this motivation. We must feel and live and love!

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