Overworked and Underpaid

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Excuse me while I rant…

Hey there guys and gals. I have been uber-busy lately.

I think I have definitely gone beyond what is considered a normal workload.

At least I am a natural born multi-tasking beast.

But to be perfectly honest, no matter how much work I do, or how hard I work, I find that almost anything I am doing online is crawling at a snails pace. And to make matters worse… I know exactly what I am doing wrong.

I am doing to much.

Things have changed dramatically with the connectivity and speed of the internet. Business can easily be built and maintained online. The cost of overhead has reduced dramatically. Prospective buyers that once filtered in of the street are being served a virtual storefront by the millions.

Times sure have changed.

Another side effect of this ultra-connectivity combined with the low financial cost of owning and operating an online business is a super-saturated market.

There are more and more online businesses each day. It’s easy to be lost in the virtual sea of the inter-webs.

I think it’s time I slow down and focus my efforts.

As usual I want to thank you for stopping by!

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