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Only One Way; Intend No Harm

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How are you? So much has been happening these past days, weeks, months and years. Everything is changing. At times it feels as though we back-track, but when we swing back toward true progress our arc always goes a little bit farther.

Have you ever noticed how history tends to repeat itself over and over again? This happens in our own lives and in the lives around us as well as on the world stage. We learn, but slowly, as we make the same mistakes over and over again.

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True progress doesn’t necessarily mean we stop making mistakes, although that should be our ultimate goal, we must start small. No one is perfect. Mistakes will be made. Changing how we deal with the consequences of our mistakes, in my opinion, is the only way to alter this repetitious cycle.

But how do we change and grow to ensure that we can think and act differently the next time we are challenged with the trials and tribulations in this life?

Well, to put it bluntly; we must resist a rigid perspective that rejects the validity of another point of view.

The biggest obstacle in making real and lasting change is believing, without a doubt, that you are right. Righteous pride is the antithesis to change. It is the hallmark of extremist ideological views. It is arrogant and stifling.

Accepting the reality that we live within a diverse and dynamic cultural climate, and that each culture is borne from an infinite number of causal factors, we can come to respect our differences and begin to seek common ground.

All to often our differences are exploited. Alienation and division is perceived instead of familiarity and unification.

I find this counter productive to growth and progress.

Not to mention it fuels patterns of thought and action that seek to further divide and fracture our worlds population.

Lets talk about the similarities we share as a human race. We are all born of a man and woman. We seek meaningful relationships. We work toward building a life that fulfill our basic physical needs such as food, shelter, clothing and access to water. We all need to love and be loved.

When you strip away the over-intellectualized reasonings as found in academia, politics, philosophy and ideology; we are all exactly the same. We may come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but we seek the same things.

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Our pursuits are the same. It is our intellectual leanings that trick us into believing which path is correct in obtaining these end-goals.

I have found only one distinct way to differentiate right from wrong action; whether or not the action causes another harm. I stand by this as the most effective litmus test on right and wrong. The intent to harm, or a disregard for the harm that will result, puts an individual in the wrong each and every time.

In light of the current political atmosphere, and the blatant lies told by establishment politicians, I think it is extremely important to understand the difference between moving forward toward understanding and respect or moving backwards and reinforcing divisive and extremist ideology.

The world will always be a diverse place. We can embrace the diversity and recognize each other as brothers and sisters, or we can reject those who are ‘different’ and allow the same mistakes to repeat time and again… In my humble opinion, if we cannot move in a direction that intends no harm, we will never reach that end-goal where mistakes are only made by the youth in matters of heart.

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