Money; America’s Top Motivator and a Great Expense

Every morning I wake to a life that demands an injection of cash.  A very large dose.  It has become my main responsibility.  I wonder if there is a better way… I often wonder why I must pay exorbitant amounts to meet my basic needs.  I pay more and more but without gain. I just maintain. I sometimes feel trapped.


My boss and I were coasting down a stretch of open road in a 7,000 pound van yesterday afternoon.  I looked to my right and saw house after house after house built up end to end, pressed together with nowhere to go but up. I look to my left and see my boss,  driving like a maniac as usual, looking weathered and tired.  In between us is the morning paper which, once opened, will highlight the most tragic and glaring examples of the pain and suffering in our immediate area.  

 What have we done?

We have done something very wrong. Something is definitely amiss. We have erected a societal structure that raises us to become more and more cynical with each passing day. We toil and trudge like dogs to get ahead but for a large majority of us it just won’t happen.  We promote and familiarize ourselves with the most base things. Often because it is all that is available or that we can afford.  We cannot eat healthy because the same caloric value in whole healthy foods is 10X the price.  We are taught to be aggressive and competitive instead of compassionate and cooperative. Our leaders, whether in governments or corporations or both, continually betray the office they hold.  We are lied to every day in little ways,  and from so many different directions that we do not know where to turn. Scandals break and the truth of the deception we have been feeling is exposed… over and over and over again.


What happened to “Truth, Justice, and the American way”?

There is a huge disparity between the accountability of those in positions of power and the disenfranchised masses.  We break the law and we go to prison. They break the law and they get a verbal reprimand, maybe a slap on the wrist. We see corporations trampling on the ecosystem wherever it will yield profit, and lobbyist greasing localized governments to turn a blind eye. That ecology is every American’s birthright. Under unchecked exploitation it will become our burden.  


 There is only one way out of this mess. We must all live our singular lives according to what we know to be right. We must speak up against the corruption wherever it is found. We must band together with other like-minded souls and coalesce into something more. We are ‘The People’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard and demand that accountability be restored.  We must raise our next generation to follow the example we’ve set, so they can carry on restoring what’s been lost.  

 If I had to say two words to describe what’s wrong with our government and our culture.. “money motivates”… that’s it in a nutshell. At the exclusion of all else, our policies, our ways of living, our patterns of thinking are all being geared toward monetary gain. We are losing our humanity, and it hurts.

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