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Know What You Stand For; Self Expertise

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Recently I was speaking with a friend about my writings here on  I was explaining my most recent post and he cut me off abruptly and asked,

What gives you the right to claim to be an expert?”.

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His sudden question and his agitated stance threw me back a bit.  In hindsight I was shocked not only at his intensity, but at how deeply the question itself struck me.

What gives me the right to claim to be an expert?  That is a very tough question and it has no short answer.

 We all experience life and we all go through many things.  One thing I can say for certain is that if you are going through something,  then someone else has gone through something similar.  If we are going to be completely honest though, we never experience the exact same thing as anyone else.  

not the first, or last, to sit

 Your life is filled with unique experiences that happen in specific places and times. This, alongside every other conceivable factor that contributed to your being here at this very moment, makes your life irrefutably an absolute original.  With innumerable factors in nature and nurture we find infinite possibilities- making you completely unique..

 But here is where it gets interesting. Why then, when one truly takes on a journey of self exploration and delves deeply within, do we almost always unanimously find a very close approximation of what others have found?

This is the million dollar question.

 I find it strange indeed that we are pulled apart in every direction when we look to the world for guidance, but when we look within we come back together and coalesce into a unified stance on so many issues.

I wonder where it leads

 Strange how that works, isn’t it??

yes, watch the gap please

 Things like human rights, the ethical treatment of animals, preserving wildlife and their habitat, sustainable living, all things that essentially will ease the suffering of life on this planet become a no-brainer.  Maybe it is a no-brainer because we’re coming to understand the truth of our spiritual nature.  

 Once I knew exactly who I was and what I stood for I was able to identify everything that had been oppressing my true nature.  All oppressors, whether inside or out, where exposed by the light of this truth. So these days I recognize that I am not an expert on any ones life but my own.  Having said that, I have also come to understand that deep down we are much more alike than we sometimes realize, so I write with the hope that you can sift through my story and take what you need.   There is a saying; “If you do not know what you stand for, you will fall for anything.”, so- lets find out what we stand for shall we??

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