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I started writing here @ thinkhub.org back in August 2014. What an adventure this has been! I have learned so much about myself, and learned so very much from all of you, that each day seems a little brighter… a little clearer.

The words below poured out onto the page that first day, and with nervous anticipation I sent them on there way to the meager audience of my Facebook friends and family and of course my G+ peeps!

To be perfectly honest, I am still learning quite a bit each day. I am still making mistakes as I figure it all out. The internet is as complex as it is awesome. No matter where you turn you find unexplored paths that lead somewhere new.

Well here’s to the glorious connectivity of the internet and to all of you, my friends and family who have been with me along the way. 


Here is that very first post from what feels like years ago…

When I look back on my prior life I am astounded at all the mistakes I made. I royally screwed up. A few dozen golden opportunities came and went. I pushed the people that cared for me most as far away as possible. I squandered all of my money on nonsense. I betrayed everyone and everything , especially myself, who in his heart felt the wrongness of it all even if my mind wasn’t there yet.

It’s a miracle I am alive and in one piece. Relatively unscathed I look in the mirror and can’t help but feel purpose driven. If I could make it this far than I can go forevermore trudging through the muck of life.
All of that confusion and anxiety has been replaced with clarity. Now, when I replay the misstep after misstep of my past, I look at the consequential nature of my actions and say “no wonder…” to myself.

Our actions have consequences. Every choice we make has an effect- even choosing inaction- and in hindsight they are strung out before us (warts and all) to reveal the truth of our past. The understanding of this cause and effect relationship we have with the world has left me with the question; ‘is hindsight truly 20/20?’, but more importantly I am left pondering ‘can foresight be 20/20?’.

This is the light at the end of my tunnel. The grace to choose accordingly. We are all faced with challenging decisions. Our minds reel at the whirlwind of possibilities. The key, for me, is to align my mind and my heart. If it “feels” right and the mind has no objections what’s there to lose? Who’s ever heard someone say “I shouldn’t have listened to my gut?”

As usual thanks for stopping by! !
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