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I Cannot Remain Willfully Ignorant

Can I be honest for a minute?

I am horrified at all the divisive and hateful rhetoric that is being thrown around all willy-nilly these days.


I mean lets get serious for a minute; we have presidential hopefuls slandering each other mercilessly while spewing bigoted ignorance.

Whole cultures are being demonized based on race and religion. Everywhere I turn I hear someone blaming another group of people for …something.

The blame game never ends in anything but more conflict, more division, and more hate.

Ironically, the real problem is the hateful and divisive rhetoric itself. It acts as the fuel for the fires of negative emotion that keep us at war with ourselves and each other.


It keeps humanity divided.

This hateful and divisive rhetoric fractures our humanity by driving cleverly constructed wedges between what we know in our hearts to be true and what we believe in our minds eye. It keeps us focused on the differences instead of the similarities.

This is the same type of rhetoric used throughout history by the megalomaniac to persuade people to view another race or culture as inferior or sub-human. It is the oldest and most effective trick used by those in positions of power to justify the war efforts and violence that directly benefits the preservation and expansion of their very own power.


It is a cyclical game of psychological conditioning. In time the unthinkable becomes thinkable, and then the dogs of war are released.

We have seen how horrifyingly effective this type of divisive and hateful rhetoric can be in the not-so-distant past. Just think Holocaust, Internment Camps, 9-11, or Lynchings, all of which happened only after this type of hateful and divisive speech infected the worldview of a human being who would ultimately take up action.

How else would young men and women willingly take up arms to brutally murder other young men and women unless they believed, in their minds eye, that they where doing what must be done to those who do not deserve to live?


This goes for the terrorist as well as the soldier; both believe they are doing the righteous thing.

This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest deceptions of modern times: the belief that one is superior over another, that ones own perspective somehow has more validity than anyone else.

Once this belief is solidified it shapes the worldview of its host. The hateful rhetoric that was once heard is then spoken, and the cycle continues.

There is a frightening aspect to this process which I cannot quite figure out. I just cannot understand how the minds of some can remain willingly ignorant enough to allow these hateful and biased pundits penetrate their experiential understanding of the world at large.

I get it that some people are biased from personal experience and trauma, and that I can understand, but how do people who have zero real-world experience of a certain race or religion accept the hateful and biased rhetoric of someone they have never met?

Personally, I cannot remain willfully ignorant.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the Muslims I have known and loved as peaceful and compassionate human beings.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the love and generosity that is typical of my Latin American friends and family.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the beautiful friendship and support given me by my LGBT friends and family.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the love and companionship of my African American Girlfriend.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant of the beauty and light I see behind the eyes of all children, regardless of race.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant that my heart aches for all people to be free from suffering.

I cannot remain willfully ignorant that I am a human being, and that everything I am made of is enriched by love and tarnished by hate.

I just cannot remain willfully ignorant.

As usual thanks for stopping by!!

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