By Jebulon  derivative work: kaʁstn Disk/Cat [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Freedom; Personal Conviction Vs Equality In Idaho

 Freedom; Personal Conviction v.s. Equality in Idaho

There’s been a lot of hoopla over this new legislation in Idaho. Some nonsense about “No cake for You!”, or something like that…. I cannot watch the news. It makes my brain hemorrhage. Any-who, I did get the gist of the story though; personal convictions trump equal rights. In 2015, on American soil, the desire to discriminate is still somehow being misconstrued to fall under the category of ‘freedom’. Seriously people? Lets throw away our utensils and eat with our hands and feet while we’re at it.

By Jebulon  derivative work: kaʁstn Disk/Cat [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Jebulon derivative work: kaʁstn Disk/Cat [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
It seems that people become awfully sensitive when they feel their freedom has been taken from them. This is completely understandable. People want to preserve and protect the rights and liberties they feel they are entitled to, especially if they’ve gotten themselves used to them. I totally get it… in principle at least. Overshadowing the ideal scenario in which we are all truly free looms a much bigger and more complex issue.

[Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
[Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
When talking about freedom in America their is the tricky business of balancing everyones freedoms so that no one has rights over another. This balancing act is done on a veritable minefield, where the slightest misstep can blow the mediator to smithereens. Who came up with the word ‘smithereens’ anyway? Our freedom then is by definition an impossibility. Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

What is freedom? What does is mean to be free? Lets start with the definition of ‘freedom’ as found in the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary;

1:  the quality or state of being free: as

a :  the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action

b :  Liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another :  independence

The definition is clear. True freedom is absolute. In order for us to be free we must be totally unrestrained, completely independent, and isolated in our ability to choose one way or the other. Unencumbered and confident in each decision. We cannot have any outside influence whatsoever affecting our decision making process in thought or in action. We must become our very own  trailblazers as we go out as lone wolves to make our way through the wilds of this world.SONY DSC

But wait a minute… Who wants to go it alone? Who wants to be devoid of any and all relationships? I sure don’t! It is either that or adopt a completely cold and impenetrable selfishness that disallows each and every human encounter to affect us in any way. We must be sovereign in order to obtain absolute freedom. Although my inner zombie loving, armageddon fueled, horror movie buff alter ego wants to think that a post-apocalyptic world would be fun and interesting; I know it is just Hollywood horror hype. I doubt Will Smiths character in “Legend” was the envy of any sane people. We all live together because we like it that way.


We are social creatures and that is why we choose to live so closely together. Suicide rates even go down from rural to urban areas. I don’t want the kind of freedom that isolates. I want a brand of freedom that is inclusive and honors all people. If people want to isolate themselves independently that is their right, but I refuse to take part in any practice that is discriminatory. 

Absolute freedom is not rationally obtainable for everyone. It is logically impossible. We must have restrictions on individual freedoms. Our so-called freedom cannot deny another person their freedom, and that is where it gets real tricky. I believe the law should serve one purpose and one purpose only, to protect every citizens right to be free up to a reasonable point. Otherwise one persons absolute freedom could encroach on another persons rights and liberties if they simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed feeling extra selfish, ravaging the world in their crab-assed glory. The kind of law that allows that is contrary to the American ideal. It is a step in the wrong direction.



To allow everyone to be completely free is a dangerous proposition. I would be all for it if I believed the world possessed the emotional intelligence to discern right from wrong in all instances. Sadly though, I believe we all have a ways to go as we move toward the understanding and wisdom that is needed to remove any and all governance. We live in troubled times. With an infinite amount of information at the ready a clever mind can construct reasonable justifications for even the most perverse atrocities.
We should all posses the same amount of liberty in the pursuit of freedom. Freedom is the ideal we strive toward every day. Our forefathers understood very well that freedom is absolute and unobtainable in the current paradigm. As time goes on we learn more and more about ourselves, about the hearts and minds of men, and in doing so we increase our understanding of right and wrong. Maybe one day we will all possess the purity of heart that will berth true and absolute freedom. Until then I hope the legislators can do a better job of making sure equality trumps personal conviction, because that is the American way.

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