Don’t be Fooled Humanity isn’t Evil

A complacent acceptance of evil can only be achieved if we first believe it exists within us.  There is a lot of evil in the world, anyone can see that, but I believe we are born pure and sometimes become evil. I am not going to debate the philosophical argument as to whether or not certain individuals are born evil. I do not belive they are.

Human beings are extremely complex and can suffer from all manner of psychological and physical afflictions from an infinite number of variables, and we’ve seen these afflictions manifest in many ways previously unimaginable. But I believe what we witness to be the result of a life that has failed the individual, a life that did not nurture and yield a fruitful and creative individual. 

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
If there is one common thread woven throughout all of human history it’s our ability to do better contrasted with our refusal to do so. We, as human beings, possess the intellect to do things that make sense across the board. We can develop technology that is fruitful and yields nothing destructive or dangerous. We can provide nutritionally dense foodstuffs through agricultural advancements and feed the world population. We can provide the healthcare, education, and access to the basic necessities of life on every continent and to every living being. We can relate with each other by encouraging peaceful and civil discourse to expose our similarities and diminish our differences.

Hands of bean and peas seller, Varanasi Benares India
Hands of bean and peas seller, Varanasi Benares India

So why don’t we?

Why do we insist on reinforcing a platform that relies on division instead of unity at every juncture?

I think it boils down to one essential thing, whether or not you believe life is good, and that human beings are good at their core.

This is the essential difference between cultivating a worldview that promotes unity and creativity, or becoming mired in the misbelief that the world is evil; that people are evil.

Humanity is a word that elicits different reactions from different people.

If I asked you “What does the word humanity mean to you?” What would you say?

Would you say, evil, greedy, sinful and dangerous?
Or would you say loving, compassionate, graceful and understanding?

No matter your answer you would be technically correct. We, as a species, possess the ability to become what we believe we are. We can become the best or the worst the world has ever seen. This ability is ours and ours alone, no other creature can boast such capabilities.

Do you understand how powerful this makes us? Do you understand how revolutionary this understanding of oneself is?


We can decide, right now, that we are going to embody the best humanity has to offer. We can emulate the best we’ve been blessed to witness while refusing to act in the repugnant and vile ways we’ve had the misfortune of experiencing.

So I ask you again; “What does the word humanity mean to you?”

I see beauty, compassion, love, intellect, wisdom, courage, fortitude… I even see purity.

How else could our hearts ache at the sight of suffering and rejoice at the sight of loving compassion if not for a purity deep within? How else could we understand the emotional undertone that defines us?


The belief that life is good, that human beings are essentially good, is the starting point to a new beginning and a new and fruitful life.

That is why I am writing these words to you this day. Because I awoke this morning looking at the world with disbelief, searching for the answers to why people seem so divided politically, spiritually and ideologically. I wanted to understand why some people, who have what can be considered irreconcilable differences, can accept each other with open arms while others whose differences are marginal at best, are at each others throats. I wanted to understand how the truth is willfully ignored by some, and embraced by others.

And the best I can come up with is this belief in essential goodness or essential evil.


I believe people are essentially good. This allows me to listen to their perspective on things and valuing their opinion, even if it differs from my own. It also allows me to feel a kinship with them, opening up my ability to understand them empathetically. It allows me to view them as human first and not just some “other”.

We are all in this thing together. You and I are in this thing together. We all must awaken to this reality and embrace each other, differences and all, if we are to forge a new future and maybe… just maybe… stop refusing to do better, because we have the capability to create paradise right here on earth.

All we need to do is start believing in the truth of our deepest selves while rejecting what the world has taught us to the contrary. 

You have my love and appreciation for stopping by!

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