Dominion & Accountability


Life is forever flowing. Like a wellspring it cannot be plugged. For us to think that we can stop life completely takes one heck of an ego.  To think that we can somehow deny this great balancing act from calibrating to the new conditions each day, frankly, is preposterous.  When we manipulate, exploit, destroy, and otherwise tarnish this ecosystem, we cause suffering and death, and ultimately we will be the ones to bear the brunt of the offense.

We are a part of this whole, are we not?   To think we are somehow separate is a mistake that betrays the reality we are in.  All of the suffering we inflict upon this world will inevitably strike us eventually. If we ruin the ecosystem that has sustained us for aeons, we will perish.  The ecosystem will recalibrate of course…. without us.  New life will continue to be born and to progress, fulfilling the potential that is life.


Delusions are born when we do not understand our responsibility as human beings.  If we have dominion over this great planet should we be tyrants or compassionate and kind rulers?  We must consider the opinions and views of our brothers and sisters here on earth-yes, even the slug has a right to live and be unmolested.


We share this planet and this reality.  It is a cop-out to create a self-contained bubble where everything is pristine and clean when our extended family suffers.  We are all responsible for the world in which we live. True and honest accountability is the only thing that betrays no one.


Without conceptually misleading ideologies,  that promote the deceitful teachings that preceded them, our perspective shifts back to its natural state.  Why propagate these wrongful ways of thinking?  Our very cultural existence depends on them. These wrongful ways of thinking are wrong because they lead to wrongful ways of living. Why are they wrongful ways you ask? Because in a world where there is enough for every man and woman to live well; these ways of thinking, and living, siphon off massive amounts of resources so that some can live extravagantly.  This is the simple truth.


We hold a sacred place among the natural world even as we destroy it.  Can it be that we are a part of this equilibrium?  Of course!!  We speak of civility and morality and ethics and law, but what of it? Is it not somehow used against us?  The fool always returns to his folly.  How often must we endure the self inflicted punishments of our own ignorance? Is wisdom a thing of the past? Never! It exists internally and externally. It can never be annihilated.


We have the writings, teachings, and a multitude of artifacts from days past which carry the message and stir our innate knowing.  I doesn’t matter which religion or culture you identify with.  The ancient wisdom that is reflected in creation myths, religious texts, folklore and even fairy tale, are all bound neatly within our minds.  Deep down it rests in the oblivion of deep subconscious; where we all are nothing and everything all at once. We must awaken this innate wisdom… waiting to be stirred from slumber.


When the archetype is perceived it tickles the minds eye, but why?  We have common threads that weave together the tapestry of faith, all faith, why? I believe we are all wise, yet it is stripped from us every waking moment through clever external manipulation.


Our subscription to this cultural reality deceives and distracts us.  We are taught that we are only responsible for a relatively small and contained space in and around us.  We are all responsible for everything.  Whether you believe this or not, it remains true. This idea of limited accountability, is the great deception.   Innumerable traps are set to keep us contained within this prison.  The more we are divided, the more severe the containment.


We must be fully aware of the world and all of its trappings. One must be so open and non committed to worldly ways that their hearts and minds remain aware yet unchanged- so that we do not become trapped by adopting deceptive concepts.

Since being open makes you susceptible to attack you must be knowledgeable enough to identify them.  It’s like walking a razor’s edge… But one we must attempt to walk – We are all infinitely valuable and equally responsible for this world.  If we all understood this it would all change in an instant.


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