Do you feel awake these days?

 I believe that the only actions that are worth taking move us toward positive change, within our own lives and in society at large. I am grateful to live in these times. So many of us are awakening to the linear string of events that shapes and shifts the world we find ourselves in.

Cause and effect is a simple truth, but one that is so often overlooked. Instead of being conscientious of our actions, hypothesizing where they will lead us, we all-to-often react without thinking.


The greatest cause to any action is a mere thought. Thought precedes action every time. Every mistake, every success, every event in our lives can be traced back through time in the events (and thoughts) that led up to it.

We are not alone in creating this reality, we all have a hand in shaping the final outcome seen here and now. We all stumble about through life thinking, in the moment, that we are choosing “correctly”. But it is our thinking that must change if we want to change our lives.


All to often we are indoctrinated through media to believe that certain actions will yield certain effects. Almost every commercial enterprise that utilizes mass media to sell products and services does so by appealing to our fundamental psychological drives. This tactic is unlimited in its application. It is used to sell Q-Tips, to promote loyalty to a political party, even to entice enrollment into university.

You see… the most effective tactics have become the most popular. We are bombarded from all angles with half truths and whole lies designed specifically to drive us toward a purchase, a vote, enrollment, a pledge, or maybe just an e-mail address.


I dare say, that in todays unprecedented technological abundance, the masses collectively share certain delusions that are propagated by commercial enterprise.

Some of these delusions are so powerful that to even question them can land you in hot water with those who believe lock-stock-and-barrel.


“Wishful thinking (denial of bad news) is shown to be contagious when it is harmful to others, and self-limiting when it is beneficial. Similarly, with Kreps-Porteus preferences, willful blindness (information avoidance) spreads when it increases the risks borne by others. This general mechanism can generate multiple social cognitions of reality, and in hierarchies it implies that realism and delusion will trickle down from the leaders.’
©Roland Benabou Economics Dept. Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544 UNITED STATES (US) 2012. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The Review of Economic Studies Limited.


Thankfully we live in times where transparency and authenticity are quickly becoming preferable. I believe it is a sign that the masses are becoming less susceptible to the trickery and deceptive tactics employed.

Ever since Edward Bernays published his groundbreaking and revolutionary title ‘Propaganda’ in 1928, the long held secrets of public manipulation have been available. It may have taken some time, but the ideas and insights that Edward Bernays outlined in that original transcript have finally been assimilated.
Could it be that people are actually awake? Are they attuned to the selfish and manipulative tactics used by the powerful to remain in control? I truly hope so. We are smarter than that.

I won’t allow pipe dreams and fantastical claims to hold my focus. I understand that everything is being offered for purchase and the sale is often cultivated by engaging me psychologically, emotionally, and even spiritually. I am on the lookout for the truth.

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