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What About Terrorism?

Terror attacks are designed specifically to cause fear and pain in hopes of causing division and chaos. The direct antithesis to terror and division are love and solidarity. If we stand united, with love and respect for all of earths inhabitants, regardless of our differences, we can stand defiant in the face of terrorism.

Add your name to message and let the terrorists of this world know that we stand together with love and respect for each and every one of our brothers and sisters, regardless of our differences.

Here is the message
“We citizens of the world have grown wiser. We see the game to drive us apart. To use horror to make us turn away from each other in fear, and turn on each other in a spiral of brutality.
And we resolve, today, that every act of hate and cynical manipulation will only bring us closer together. We, Muslims and Non-Muslims from every nation of the world, resolve to love each other more fiercely than ever before, to listen more deeply to each other than ever before, and to let the pain of each fresh atrocity committed in the names of our faiths or nations or cultures be the birth pangs of the more united, more loving world we are determined to create.


We will build that world, because the truth is on our side. The truth that we are all one people, one tribe. Our fates are bound together, and together we will rise, undivided.”


Add your name today.

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What About ISIS? | The Little Known Truth About the Origin of ISIS|

ISIS has quickly gained notoriety the worlds leading terrorist organization. Their zeal and hatred for the Western world drives horrific terror attacks targeting those whom they deem ‘infidels’. They must be stopped. This we all agree on. But how did they come to be? How did they gain the momentum to become such a threat? These questions and many more are completely overlooked by mainstream media outlets.

This video reveals the truth about ISIS and their origins.

with love and appreciation-Tommy

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