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Monday Comic Relief|StrangeAwe.Com (Video)

I am back to present to you another of my Favorite YouTubers Videos on this Mondays Comic Relief. Start your week off on the right foot by taking a few minutes to enjoy zefrank1’s amazing video ‘True Facts About The Aye Aye’. As always I recommend you head on over and subscribe to his channel and be sure to like the video! (It’s the least we can do after he’s given us such entertainment!)

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If There’s No Enemy Within, The Enemy Outside Can Do Us No Harm|Inspirational (Video)

The drive to succeed, to become something more, takes effort and a tireless dedication. It takes no effort to remain on the bottom, to be comfortable and complacent. We should constantly be working on ourselves, building ourselves up.

Lets keep this in mind as we continue to work toward our goals and create this world into the beautiful place it is destined to be.

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