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recurring dreams

                      Recurring Dreams 


Level after level I descend.

No number of threshold bares gift.

The desolation and despair

grows as I traverse these halls .


I enter through one door,

and  leave through another.

I call out for someone,

anyone to break this thick, viscous, entrapping moment.


Like a worm on a hook- or a cricket stuck fast in a shallow film of adhesive. My strength waivers, my mind

is on the brink,

can I take anymore?


Death becomes a temptress from afar she calls from the darkest reaches, recessed she be –

but the entity, the other,

company she can be.


I writhe as confusion sets.

Yet beyond the latch key is found-

onto my psyche is loosed and unchained,

unbridled evil is; set free.


To derive wanton pleasure from promise of the end,

is abomination…

To reckless ends and deception

the deceptor knows –


yet cannot see.

Mindfulness is all we have.

When spiritually bankrupt

we are contained.


Clever minds and saboteurs

lay together along the road

that leadeth us from paradise

(upon promise of return)


Can you hear her calling?

My loneliness it will depart…

if only I had known her father,

the circle- it would be complete.



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