Become a Patron here @

 Become a Patron here @

 Hello everyone!

Thomas here with exciting news.  The community has been growing steadily ever since its launch in August 2014.  The increasing number of people who are responding to the material has kept us motivated and alive with the knowledge that we are not alone.  There are so many of us! We want to change the world for the better, we want to reach out and help each other, we feel in our hearts that we are all nothing more than a very big family spread out across the continents. We are scattered but we are not separate. We are one. 

  I cannot tell you how exhilarating it has been for me to come to know you all. The adventure has taught me so many things, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that we are in this thing together.  And together we can, and will, change the world.  

  There are many new and exciting things that we are working on here at  I cannot reveal them all because a few of the projects are in there infancy and until they are further established I will keep them under wraps. What I can say is that eventually we will have a YouTube channel with adaptations of the articles in video form… and maybe…just maybe… we will have our very own app!!

  Our Facebook page has seen an enormous jump in activity over the weekend with the post titled “The Easiest and Most Effective Way To Change The World” currently at 1,887 likes and climbing. Our Twitter account @thinkhuber currently has 1,728 followers.  Thank you all so very much for your support and contributions.  we cannot do this without each and every one of you.

  At Patreon I have set up a creator account so that anyone, who would like, can become a patron here at Here’s how it works, you simply create an account at Patreon and pledge an amount that you would like to contribute monthly.  For a mere 1$ a month you can become a patron(and I send the first ten who sign up a signed poem! yippee!). For 3$ a month, I will send the first 10 an autographed poem and a handwritten message. For a pledge of only 5$ a month the first ten will get an autographed poem, a handwritten message, and will be listed on as a producer for all to see. The poems are limited- but the producer listings are not. 

 Help us continue to bring uplifting and inspirational content to our growing audience. Join me and lets bring this thing to the next level! To become a patron click HERE.

With Love and Appreciation,

            Thomas Parisi

  -founder of
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