Baltimore Justice; Accountability

Baltimore Justice; Accountability

In the New York Times today comes a breaking story and welcome news. The report states how six Baltimore Officers are being brought up on charges for the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray. It’s about time. Police must be held accountable for their actions. I don’t think expecting police officers to obey the same laws  they’ve been sworn to uphold is too much for the American people to expect. The hypocrisy must end.images-139

 While I understand that the number of officers that are guilty of transgressions as severe as we’ve seen in this case are a small minority, but the majority is still guilty of inaction against the few who they know to be guilty. In the eyes of the law when a citizen gains knowledge of a crime, whether before or after, they must bring it to the attention of law enforcement. If they do not they can be considered complicit and charged accordingly. Why then do officers protect those within their ranks by allowing the injustice to continue? When they understand that in doing so they are condoning the very actions they believe to be wrong? I believe the accountability of ones actions, whether an officer of the law or a citizen, must be universally applied.

Our society is not without its problems. We see racism, bigotry, chauvinism, elitism, sexism, and many more divisive ideologies still prevalent enough to touch all of our lives in some way. Crime is commonplace in many cities in America. The drug trade is thriving as are the gangs that peddle the stuff. As merchants of death they work the corner without any consideration or respect for human life. Real criminals are out there and most of us are not naive enough to believe otherwise. Cops are supposed to be different, they are supposed to be the ones that uphold the law and in doing so promote respect and consideration for every human life. We all know that Police Officers have a very difficult job. That should not give them a free pass.

I am grateful for this welcome news and am hopeful that we will see a trend in the right direction. The American people deserve to be treated as human beings first. If every individual accepted full responsibility for the sovereign actions they take each day the world would be less chaotic by far. We are all responsible for our thoughts and actions. To think otherwise is a delusion that requires that someone else cleans up the mess we’ve made. Time for us all to buck up and accept responsibility. Every last one of us.

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