About Me

20151011_112521Hello everyone. My name is Thomas Parisi and I am the owner/operator here at thinkhub.org. I started this site a few years back as a way of sharing the lessons I have learned in this life.

I want to be able to help others avoid some of the mistakes and missteps that I have taken.

Life has a learning curve, and sometimes we don’t have the right people leading the way, or enough information to move forward confidently.

I made plenty of mistakes for both of these reasons. I didn’t always have someone to show me the way, and sometimes those showing me the way weren’t the best examples I could have had. But that’s life.

Sometimes we learn the most important lessons life has to offer by making mistakes, but in doing so we often pay a price.

If I can help even one person avoid paying the price I’ve paid It’s all worth it.

I want to help others avoid the trouble I have gone through- and hopefully I can inspire and motivate towards social good while I am at it.

with love and appreciation-Tommy


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