Has the World Gone Mad

Has the world gone mad?
I ask this question very seriously. We are witnessing a pivotal time in human history.  Mankind has been evolving for aeons, slowly loosening their comforting grasp on issues of old to allow in new and advanced ways of thinking.

The turn of the millennium has brought with it a shift beyond anything the world has ever seen. People are awakening to the truth within their hearts and casting aside the varied mental constructs that keep division and hatred alive.

People are choosing acceptance over exclusion. They are opening their hearts to the reality that we are all in this together.

The evidence is all around us. We are seeing a progressive shift towards love and life that seeks understanding; and the acceptance that comes with it.

For many of us the above statements are true and easily perceived. Yet for too many of us this shift is seen as a threat. Conservative and old-fashioned ways of thinking are trumping the advancements for far to many of us.

That is why I ask the question; “Has humanity gone mad?”.

I would think that all of humanity would be united in wanting the peace and progress that comes from understanding, instead of the divisiveness and stagnant bias that is breed through ignorance.

Yet I am wrong. Many have become so steeped in the ways of old that they are comforted by the very things that cause us harm. They welcome the abuser, they enable them, and their identities are inextricably intertwined.

The time is always now. We must do all we can to spread the truth as fast as we can, and dispel the lies spread by those who would damn the progress we have made thus far.

I do not think I need to specify an issue, we all see the fight raging before us.

There are things in our past that we should always hold dear and preserve to the best of our ability, but those things should only be what enriches and awakens the best aspects of our humanity. If it brings out the worst in us it has got to go, so that we can be the best we have to offer for ourselves and for those around us.

Be safe out there, and keep fighting the good fight. Remember to love one another and seek understanding instead of casting others aside. I guarantee you that if you simply seek to understand your enemy you will find a companion.


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Why I’m choosing #BernieorBust over more BULLS$$T

#BernieorBust #BernieSanders2016 #FeelTheBern
I cannot understand how divided the American public is politically. How isn’t the only authentic and honest candidate demolishing every one else?

Are people loosing their minds?

How in the world have things become so chaotic and confused?

What was once undeniably true and easy to understand has become convoluted in a sea of controversy, the simple truth has become replaced with a bastardized version that relies on a willful ignorance of the facts.


Lets talk a minute about the political atmosphere. Never before in my brief lifetime have I seen such extreme difference between the candidates. The difference between Republican and Democrat used to be minimal, with certain elected officials able to cross the aisle quite easily.

What we are witnessing today is a freak show where truth is an inconvenience, authenticity is replaced by lip-service, and the preservation of the establishment Trumps democracy.

What we are seeing is the dissolution of the establishment by the American People.

The Democratic and Republican parties are nothing more than establishment preservationists. They want, above all else, to preserve the way things are because they directly benefit greatly by the system as it stands.

Money in politics is essentially legalized bribery. It allows elected officials to cozy up with companies and corporations that share certain interests and viewpoints, and accept financial contributions from these moneyed interest groups.

How in the world did this become a part of the American political process?


This ability to accept financial contribution is an obvious conflict of interests.

Elected officials are in office specifically to be responsive to the voice of the people. When they accept financial contributions that ability to be responsive to public opinion is diminished. They are elected to serve as representatives of the people, yet we allow them to sell their allegiance to the highest bidder. This is a travesty, a reversal of the democratic process our forefathers intended.

I am absolutely against money in politics. It undermines everything that America stands for.

There is only one candidate that is unequivocally poised to represent the people and not the establishment and the moneyed interests financing their every move.

I can see only one person that has not benefited directly from the legalized bribery that mars our democratic process.

That person is Bernie Sanders. If you haven’t already researched this amazing man and the revolutionary policy proposals he intends to implement I implore you to start right this moment.

Do not listen to the slanderous nonsense mainstream media and establishment pundits are leveling against him, look at his lengthly career in politics and his long standing presence for equality, justice and freedom for all people in America and abroad.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love this man and won’t consider anyone else as our next president. #BernieorBust

itezen bern

The only BS I will be tolerating from now on is Bernie Sanders.