The Ga’har-nets

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Massive roots extend like rivulets, flowing and shrinking until the earth swallows them into her eternal embrace. This tree stands as a towering giant. It is taller than anything anyone has ever seen before. There are reaches far up in the canopy where no man has gone, or can ever go for that matter, it is not his domain. The breadth at its base is almost a mile. The roots that extend from miles above slowly arch there way down and away until they delve deep within the earth again. Buttressing the incomprehensible size and weight of this wonder, while providing the main support within the base complex- where so many of the Ga’har-nets are sheltered- the roots serve many purposes. The complex spreads out for tens of miles in every direction. Walkways atop the root structures slowly descend to ground level. These paths roam for miles, often meandering like a water moccasin atop a shining pond. Bark envelops all in gorgeous falls and textures that from afar, are reminiscent of the way fire dances, as It twists and licks Its way skyward. Yet close up they become a labyrinth of different shapes and hollows that form a complicated network suited specifically for the glorious life of the Ga’har-nets .

For as long as there has been saplings large enough to shelter the elegant and virtuous Ga’har-nets they have dwelt in the presence of these giants. Once the world was littered with trees that were no larger than the leaves that fall from these behemoths. Most of the earth was covered with vegetation a stone’s throw high. The light was never far away. The forest is what they called it, their canopy was so thin and incomplete that the forest floor was speckled with sunlight. Of course there was still deserts like we have now, there will always be places where the water of life is less abundant. But then they knew nothing of the creatures that thirst in the night – Surely an anomaly that came later.. once the water became trapped in these behemoths, in this new cycle of life. One where the preciousness of water is insurmountable. 


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a good fight


The battle rages on inside each and everyone of us. We fight for peace of mind and clarity. We strive to hold on to the characteristics that make us proud to be human. We turn away from the temptations that pull us down. We struggle for a rational comprehension of the chaotic turbulence we call life. We are constantly trying to fine tune and control our inner voice so that we have an ally instead of a saboteur. We search for the paths that ignite our passions and remind us of who we are, where we are, what we are, and why we are. We dream. Sometimes it seems involuntary, our imaginations are so powerful and effective; effective in which way though?? We fight each and every day. Lets make it a good fight. A worthy battle. An epic tale of courageous and persistent soldiers who never give up on what is right. Bless you all out there, wherever you may be.

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