do you doubt?


A truly unshakable confidence is difficult to come by. To believe that you are fully within your rights as a human being, as a man or woman, as a son or a brother, a boyfriend or a husband can be difficult. To feel absolutely worthy of that which we seek is most important. When we chase our dreams sometimes the only thing that holds us back is our own inability to believe that we are worth it.


We create our own barriers. We create them so frequently that we are often unaware it is even happening. Like snares set on a woodsman’s trail our doubts and fears(our feelings that we are not worth it) lay in wait. And just like the animals that becomes trapped, we find ourselves struggling to set ourselves free.


Imagine how productive our days would become if we could step confidently, with one foot in front of the other, unhindered by the endless trappings of our doubt and fear. I am making it my first priority to identify and remove these doubts and fears. One at a time and with unrelenting persistence, I know we can free ourselves.

We all doubt ourselves. As a man, many of my hang-ups are based on the societal norms set by American culture. Somewhere here on earth, there is someone who would take what I dislike about myself and call it perfection. In every society the standards that are prescribed are different. We are all perfect in someones eyes… but why not our own?? A deception of mind. You are perfect. We are all perfect. It is our thinking and actions that must be set free of the deceptions.


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stop the chase

Stop The Chase

So many times I hear the expression chase your dreams. This statement in itself is flawed. This statement makes it clear that we are always to remain behind our dreams in hot pursuit.

That we are somehow lesser, that our dreams remain in first place while we remain in second. I much prefer the statement live your dreams. Because it rightly connects us with the reality that our dreams and lives are only different because we make them so. Dreams, aspirations, our waking inspiration, musings, are all signposts that lead us along the path as we live our dream.


The idea that somehow tomorrow will be better is a common one. It is one that is used to promote certain patterns of thought. Every pattern of thought that looks toward a better tomorrow makes one fatal flaw, it is not focusing on how to make a better today. We are always present in this very moment, right now and right here. It’s the illusion of time. The linear thinking we prescribe to the concept of time befuddles us into compartmentalizing a past, a present, and a future. I would argue there is only now. One continuous glorious moment stretching into eternity.

Our dreams are too often imprisoned within the confines of our mind. Labeled with a “do not open until tomorrow” tag that sadly never sees its day. Dream today. Dream everyday. Take a step toward your goal and get moving. We have only so much time to live, to love, and to experience this life to its fullest. Have a blessed and beautiful week out there, wherever you may be.

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