atheist or believer?


I can understand the idea behind atheism. The disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of a god or gods makes sense. The simple fact is that there is no physical evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exists. Although the same can be said for the atheistic argument. Absolutely no physical evidence exists to disprove the existence of God. Some believers will point all around at the amazing beauty and complexity of life on earth as if this alone is proof positive of a creator. The whole while atheists are pointing to the breathtaking advancements we’ve made in scientific studies, as though to say: “Where’s the evidence? Where’s the data?”.
Things exist with or without proof. Look at the world around you. Our current technologies are reliant on things previously unknown to man. Radio waves, electron microscopes, computers, every one of these relies on some previously unseen and unknown aspect of the physical world. Sometimes though, this lack of evidence leads precisely nowhere.
The bottom line is that belief or a lack thereof is a choice. If either perspective is based on the same amount of physical evidence they are equal. What I see entirely too much of lately is the exploitation of non related issues in the defense, or promotion of ones choice. I have heard all varieties of weak and twisted logic in these ‘debates’. Frankly it is annoying.
By definition spirit is intangible, non physical. A spiritual journey is one that takes us beyond our physical limitations. Therefore the only one who will be given ‘proof’ is the one experiencing the journey. This is precisely why you have the testimonials of billions and not even one carries physical proof.
By definition Atheists should lack belief not attack believers. They can never possess the amount of information needed to declare confidently, “There is no God!”. That’s just my opinion.
Believers should explain why they personally believe. Have the presence of mind to grasp how insufficient words are. You cannot tell someone all of the things that brought you to believe. It will never amount to more than a nice story if they have no idea what you are saying.
I am a believer because I chose to walk a spiritual path to see what all the hoopla was about. To my surprise my life was transformed. It is something I had to work hard at. Getting past all of my skepticism and all of the misunderstandings I had stored up about religion and the Bible was difficult. I had to erase everything I thought I knew and start fresh.
To my complete astonishment I started to experience life like never before. I felt a calm come over me that continues to this day. My emotional world became much less complicated. A soft inner voice guides me.
It is a choice either way. A choice I made in my younger years because my attitude seemed more in line with disbelief. Today I choose to believe after deciding to find out for myself.

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